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"Post Traumatic Waldorf Astoria" Morgan Cornwell Vinyl

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The debut album from Morgan Cornwell, an enigmatic talent of staggering proportions. Morgan's talent defies traditional descriptions of what a singer-songwriter is and should be, thus this album scratched the initial production and chose a route that could fully support the voice and lyrics of Morgan's creation: a 7o piece orchestra recorded live on the Eastwood Sound Stage at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank CA. Orchestrated by Hannah Parrott, conducted by Steve Hackman, the orchestra gives full support and voice to the trials and tribulations that have lead to Morgan's creation. Morgan's voice whispers, soars, and everything in between, as she dances this beautiful, perfectly fluid duet with the orchestra.
Descriptions of this album will seem like hyperbole until you actually sit and experience this music and realize: it's the most beautiful album you'll ever hear.

1 x 12" 180 Gram Vinyl

1. Believe
2. Say
3. Jerusalem
4. Carnival

1. Over Now
2. Mask
3. Where Were You
4. Ringmaster
5. Anyway
6. Sun